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Expand Your Living Space with a Sunroom!

Would you like to build a sunroom, or add a patio room to your home? Join the ranks of homeowners that have done sunroom construction and are loving it! For many it is one of the best home improvement investments that they've made. It's changed the way they use their living space. Many find themselves enjoying the sun in their solarium for most of their meals in climate controlled comfort.

Sunrooms are also known as solariums, patio enclosures, conservatories, florida rooms and greenhouses. Whether you are looking for a place to grow plants, to bring more sunlight or a new entertaining area, a sunroom remodel is a smart choice.

Make your Sunroom a Four Season Room  
Depending upon where you live, the climate and how your seasons play out it may make sense for you to winterize your sunroom. Some who have added a sunroom extension have enjoyed using it so much that they now have only one regret - not making it winterized! Proper construction and materials are important to ensure that your sunroom is energy efficient.  
Properly constructed and insulated a sunroom can be used for 4 seasons.
Don't let the snow get to you; enjoy the sun in your new conservatory.
A second story sunroom is also possible. Add one over your porch!
Are there health benefits from having a sunroom? Well, there are benefits to having more sun in your life, especially in the winter. Some have found a cheery sunroom a real boost in the winter.  

Sunroom Placement


Where to build your sunroom, that is the question. When deciding on the best placement for your sunroom think about how connecting rooms will be effected. Consider what you might lose or miss, like a view, a sight line, a garden or yard space. Weigh what might lose outside with the benefits you'll gain. Just as with any extension, you also want your sunroom to look like a natural extension of your home. Get professional help for your sunroom addition, right from the planning stages.

North Placement: A north-facing sunroom will get more indirect sun. It will therefore be cooler than a south-facing room. Fabric fading will also be less of a problem, but it will be more important to add a heat source.


South Placement: You will get tons of direct sun in a south-facing sunroom. Proper insulation and construction will be important to keep this room cool in the heat of summer. Connecting the sunroom to your HVAC system will give you air-conditioning in the summer. Blinds or drapes are a good idea to block out sun and heat when you are not using the room. It is also a good idea to have your sunroom constructed with opening windows so you can create a cross breeze.

East Placement: For those who love the morning sun an east-facing sunroom is perfect. You will still get plenty of natural light.

West Placement: If you have a great view toward the west a west-facing sunroom will enable to to view breathtaking sunsets. You will also get plenty of light from the afternoon sun.


Heating your Sunroom

Some have chosen to have a 3 season sunroom and they simply bring out a space heater on really cold days.

However, the demands of winter in areas further north demand better energy planning. Where possible it is best to tie in with your existing HVAC system for the house. Then you can enjoy heat in the winter and cool in the summer.

Other heating options include electric baseboard heating, radiant in-floor heating, and a gas fireplace.

Have your patio room addition done right from the beginning! Contact our experienced sunroom builders for a sunroom or solarium estimate and start planning yours today! Our talented sunroom contractors will be happy to help you with your sunroom addition!
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